Technical Training Lab for Pneumatics

/Technical Training Lab for Pneumatics
Technical Training Lab Details

To cater to the ever stricter requirements of modern training institutes, Christiani offers a diverse product portfolio for training in the fields of pneumatics and electropneumatics. Tailored to your specific requirements, we are happy to draw up an individual offer for you with the corresponding workplace systems, device kits and the accompanying didactic materials.

Our Modules
  • Requirements analysis
  • Planning and consultation
  • Conceptual design
  • Implementation
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Learning Outcome Test
The Christiani Technical Training Lab for Pneumatics offers you the following
  • Theory and practice from a single source
  • Motivation to learn and sustainable learning success
  • Didactic diversity and practically oriented training media
  • Strong partnerships with industry
  • Professional consulting – from the planning stage, all the way up to learning outcome test
Example Configuration for 16 Workplaces
  • 8 multifunctional single-sided MAPS workplace systems
  • 8 pneumatic device kits
  • 8 electropneumatic device kits
  • 8 press functional assemblies
  • 8 logo learning panels
  • 1 instructor workplace
  • 8 multimedia desks
  • 16 copies of the “Automation Studio” simulation software
  • Cabinet system
  • Metalworking professions
  • Mechatronics engineers

  • Integrating components of the PLC and control technology
  • Planning control systems
  • Installing and operating control systems
  • Ensuring the operating ability of automated systems
  • Assembling and checking of pneumatic and electropneumatic controller
  • PLC programming

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