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Electrical Engineering

/Technical Training Lab for
Electrical Engineering
Technical Training Lab Details

Training in the field of electrical engineering opens up a large number of different career options. The fundamentals of electrical engineering rank among the key qualifications for all professions within this field. In this specialised training room, trainees learn the basic skills of electrical engineering and how to safely use the corresponding tools and equipment, finally focusing on examination preparations.

Our Modules
  • Requirements analysis
  • Planning and consultation
  • Conceptual design
  • Implementation
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Learning Outcome Test
The Christiani Technical Training Lab for Electrical Engineering offers you the following
  • Theory and practice from a single source
  • Motivation to learn and sustainable learning success
  • Didactic diversity and practically oriented training media
  • Strong partnerships with industry
  • Professional consulting – from the planning stage, all the way up to implementation
Example Configuration for 16 Workplaces
  • Desks for theory work with 230 V power supply
  • EDP workplaces
  • Electrical engineering learning unit
  • Electrical engineering laboratory benches
  • Drive and safety engineering laboratory benches
  • Workbenches
  • Electrical engineering professions
  • Analysing electrical systems and testing functions
  • Planning and executing electrical installations
  • Installing electrical operating equipment in compliance with safety aspects
  • Analysing and adjusting control systems
  • Configuring the hardware and software of assemblies

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