Technical Training Lab for CAD-CAM-CNC

/Technical Training Lab for CAD-CAM-CNC
Technical Training Lab Details

In this laboratory, basic knowledge of how to program CNC machines is conveyed. This obviously also includes operating the CNC machines installed in the lab. In addition to this, the computer workplaces in this laboratory can also be upgraded to include CAD software, all the way up to CAD/CAM systems.

Our Modules
  • Requirements analysis
  • Planning and consultation
  • Conceptual design
  • Implementation
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Learning Outcome Test
The Christiani Technical Training Lab for CAD-CAM-CNC offers you the following
  • Theory and practice from a single source
  • Motivation to learn and sustainable learning success
  • Didactic diversity and practically oriented training media
  • Strong partnerships with industry
  • Professional consulting – from the planning stage, all the way up to implementation
Example Configuration for 16 Workplaces
  • 1 CNC milling machine with SIEMENS control system
  • 1 CNC turning machine with SIEMENS control system
  • 16 computer workplaces with CNC simulation software, 2D and 3D CAD systems, CAM software
  • 1 instructor desk
  • CNC table attachment
  • CNC hinged-door cabinet
  • 2 workbenches
  • 1 tool measuring system
  • Metalworking professions


  • Work plan, tool plan, set-up sheet
  • Design and function of CNC machines
  • Coordinate systems
  • Reference points
  • Geometric data
  • Technology data
  • Programme architecture
  • Tool correction

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